Cheryl Allison



 Strives to create thought provoking stories that deepen our understanding of the human experience. 



Cheryl Allison is the Founder | Producer of WOW FILMS. Award-winning Producer Carina Rush has also joined WOW FILMS and in addition to producing, she will oversee the creative process of script development. 


HIDING IN DAYLIGHT - (Director | Producer) 

Short Film - 2019

"After a gay purge, four best friends are surviving by living in fake marriages to each other. They secretly meet once a week to see their true spouse and play a "game" where they reminisce about their former openly gay lives. After 3 years of weekly gatherings, they must determine if their clandestine meetings are worth risking their lives. In one night, emotions run high, friendships begin to unravel and everything changes in an instant."  

In addition to directing, Cheryl also edited the film. In collaboration with ASD Media & Entertainment, the film was shot in NY and is currently being submitted to festivals worldwide. Starring: Judy McLane, Julee Cerda, Jim Newman and Gary Hilborn

PRESS: BroadwayWorld | Out in Jersey |

REVIEWS: UK Film Review

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Hiding in Daylight Trailer


SHATTER THE SILENCE (Director | Producer)

Feature Documentary - 2019

"Politicians, religious leaders, Educators, Social Workers, Artists and more discuss sexual harassment, rape culture, the watershed moment for women and the road ahead. Inspired by the historic and unprecedented events fueled by the #metoo movement, Shatter the Silence brings the focus to one city - Dallas, TX. Grassroots change starts the the local level with the voices of a community...sharing, listening and joining together."

Filmed throughout 2018, Cheryl recently completed editing the film and is headed into color grading and sound mixing. The film will have it's Texas Premiere at the Angelika Film Center in Dallas - Spring 2019 and then be submitted to festivals worldwide.  After its festival run, Shatter the Silence will be distributed on online platforms. Nationally recognized politician and former Texas Senator Wendy Davis is a prominent voice in the film. 

PRESS: BroadwayWorld Dallas | Adversity & Diversity

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Shatter the Silence - Sneak Peak 




FAR FROM THE TREE (Producer | Lead Actress)

Short Film - 2017

"A strained relationship between a mother and her teenage son as she struggles to come to terms with a past sexual assault and ultimately finds the courage to confront it."

Because of the important and topical subject matter, multi award-winning artist Moby agreed to the use of his music throughout the film. The film was screened in over 23 film festivals worldwide and received numerous awards including 6 Best Film Awards and 4 Best Actress Awards. 



BECOMING ME (working title) (Co-Director | Producer)

Feature Documentary - 2019

"Bodybuilder, former college football player and decorated Arlington, TX. SWAT Officer finally finds the inner strength to make a life-changing decision that will change the future forever."




PIECES OF ME (Director)

Documentary - 2020



Feature Narrative 



Feature Narrative - 2020



Cheryl directed and edited the 5P Minus Society promotional campaign "THIS IS COLE" which received the Silver and Bronze Telly Award, a Gold Hermes Creative Award and Gold DotCOMM Award. The PSA is currently running on FOX Television Stations throughout Texas.